Your Water Pipes- Cold Weather Best Practices

As winter approaches Howard County’s Bureau of Utilities would like to offer residents some suggestions on how to avoid the damage that can be caused when water pipes freeze and burst. Click here for details.

MDOT SHA S.T.O.R.M. Snow Plow Tracker

MDOT SHA S.T.O.R.M. allows for near real-time tracking, with a 30 minute history of winter weather treatment vehicles for the MDOT State Highway Administration on MDOT SHA State roadways during winter weather events. Click here for Tracker.

Snow Plowing and Mailbox Damage

The following represents the County’s policy for handling claims for damage to property resulting from the County’s snow removal activities. If a mailbox that conforms to County law is damaged as a result of physical contact of a snowplow or other piece of snow...

Howard County Snow Plow Tracker

Keep up to date on snow removal in the county. Howard County provides a live map on snow removal. Click here for Howard County Snow Tracker information.